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Spotlight! The Vaedziur - The gods' forgotten children

The vaedziur are demons from the abyss.  But, before we can talk about the vaedziur in detail, we must discuss the abyss, their "home".

The realms: There are currently twelve known realms and sixteen sub realms.  The majority of the books take place in the mortal realm, home to the world of Therra.  Six realms are dedicated to the elements and are where the kirin (magical creatures) spring from; earth, wind, fire, water, darkness, and light.  Each pantheon; positive (good), negative (evil), order (law), and chaos (chaotic) has their own dedicated realm and a sub realm for each known associated god.  There are four known gods for each pantheon, totaling sixteen unique sub realms for the godly verse.  The final realm is the abyss, "home" of the vaedziur and other more mysterious denizens that are yet unidentified.

“The abyss is a place so horrible, not even the gods will speak of it.  What little knowledge we have is unverifiable and not entirely trustworthy.  Unfortunately, the sheer volume of references, across multiple cultures, cannot be ignored and they fill me with dread.  These writings detail a never ending darkness or an abyss if you will.  It is a prison and a place where evil lies shackled and dormant.  Can this gateway be opened? Fortunately, no way has been found yet and I believe doom sleeps within its hollow walls, scratching for a way out.”

Aran the Grey,
Current acting leader of the Pentacle

The vaedziur are imprisoned in the abyss and they are perverted forms of their original forms.  Imprisoned for millennia unending for a crime unknown, these demonic entities are forgotten by the majority of Therra, except for the absolute most long lived.  

Their powers are horrific beyond imagination.  Instead of destroying a body, they take absolute control.  How they do that differs by level of vaedziur.

Letum Pupilis, the lesser vaedziur: these creatures have base intellect and require only a dead body.  Their abilities do not exceed the physical, but their might is not to be underestimated.  Each lesser vaedziur can twist the mortal's form that they take to their own ends, creating natural weaponry from apendages.

Medius Decessus, the vaedziur lords): These vaedziur are able to possess human forms and infiltrate the societies.  Their abilities in combat are limited to their host's abilities, but they can draw beings into the astral plane and destroy their minds.  These vaedziur act as the field commanders for the armies of letum pupilis.  They precede the coming of the Corruptus Fatalis by preparing the world for the second coming of the vaedziur horde.  Example Vaedziur Lords: Rhea and Kestrel from A Scholar's Journey: The Divine Tempest.

Corruptus Fatalis, high vaedziur: These are the leaders of the vaedziur.  Their power rivals that of a god.  These creatures have a physical form and can tap into the elemental planes and the abyss to use magic at will.  Their bodies are strong and are capable fighters as well.  One Corruptus Fatals accompanies the Medius Decessus into the mortal realm, but only observes, never revealing itself, until the proper moment.

Grande Lobos, great vaedziur: These are indescribable horrors that rampaged across the mortal realm and a match for a great kirin.  Their powers are unknown and their position in vaedziur society is also unknown.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the vaedziur that make their first appearance in the first book of A Scholar's Journey: The Divine Tempest.

- Herrick


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