Friday, September 2, 2011

Character ideas

I'm almost to the end of book 2 and I've been working through some new character ideas in my head.  Normally my posts are pretty structured, but this is going to be more stream of consciousness writing.

To start, I can't go into specifics just yet, since it would be some major spoilers for book 2, but safe to say at the beginning of book 3, Penndarius and Soren are separated and a few new characters are introduced to act as interim/new protectors of our favorite scholar.

Fei Kong "The Wind Demon":  Fei Kong is the new leader of the Mortalitas Assassins, since the death of their previous leader, Dayvion Mortalitas.  This marks the first time that a person, outside of the Mortalitas family has led the group to appoint a new leader.  But, the group was split in two.

The first group wants to continue with their old ways.  But, Fei has other plans.

Fei remembers a time when the asasassins did good, helping the common folk and removing corruption, instead of helping it and he wants to bring the assassins back to those roots.  Fei is not like his brethren who skulk around in the shadows.  He is flashy, radical, dangerous, and honest.

Fei fights with wind!  More on this later.

Oog, just Oog, no last name, just Oog, MY NAME IS OOG!!!!!:  Oog hales from a small village of death cult barbarians.  They worship the art of death, but not killing others, but to seek the perfect death.

These barbarians are not suicidal.  Instead, they look for the prefect way to die, where their death can mean the most.  If that means staying alive and helping others, until they die of old age, so be it.  But, if that means dieing in glorious battle?  Then, that will be so.

Most characters that I write are young and new to life, at least for the main fighters.  Oog however, is in his sixtys.  he is a very healthy sixty year old, but he is in his later years.  None the less, Oog is physically one of the strongest characters in the series.  He does not speak much, but when he does, his words have impact.

Jericho the crazy guy: You know that guy that rants and raves about government conspiracies, UFO landings, the end is nigh, and stuff like that?  Jericho is that guy, only he is more right than wrong.

Of course, Jericho is still crazy.  Where would the fun be if his character was completely sane?  Actually, he comes off as a raving lunatic with insane theories that seem completely off the charts.  But, no matter how wild the consiracies or mysteries may be, some of them are true.

The other thing, Jericho is actually a rather powerful magus, though I don't know what his abilities entail just yet.

That is all for now.  More later.

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