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Gods of Therra

First, I apologize for the wait.  There have been many things pressing in on me to be taken care of.  But, I promise that I will start making at least 1+ weekly posts from now on.

Recently I was in a restaurant with my dad and we were talking about my book.  The discussion got into religious theory and one of the other patrons stopped us and asked what we were talking about.  He found out I was a writer and asked for the name of the book, promising to go out and buy it.
This in itself was amazing!  But, it showed me what some people like to hear about.  So, I will be running a weekly column for many weeks to come about the gods of Therra!

Preface: What are the gods?

In Therra there are sixteen known gods.  There are four alignments: positive, negative, chaotic, and order.  These are mistakenly referred to by the people as good, evil, chaos, and lawful.  But, morality does not represent an alignment in all cases.
Take Nox’Firon, the goddess of death.  She is not evil, but exists in the negative realm.  Death is an eventuality, a part of nature, but is not inherently evil, nor are her followers.  A follower of Nox’Firon does not seek to spread death, but to embrace the beauty of dieing, observe it, and revere it.  A follower of Nox’Firon can be evil, good, or anything in between.  There are no restrictions on who can follow her tenets.  
This is a brief explanation, but over time I hope to elaborate on this with future posts.

Week 1: El’Aron the watcher, god of future sight, precognition, premonition, portents, and seers.

This is also a partial character spotlight on Urielle Senciro, a seer of El’Aron.  She is one of the protectors of Penndarius Greyson, one of the two protagonists of A Scholar’s Journey: The Divine Tempest.
El’Aron is the watcher; he rarely involves himself in the affairs of mortals.  Likewise, his seers are the same with very few exceptions, Urielle.
Back to El’Aron, this god sees possible futures, not THE future.  There is not one future for us, but many at any given time.  Each person\god\entity has branching decisions, though minor, do impact the future and change it accordingly.  Great events can be seen from very far away as portents and images. 
El’Aron’s seers are also granted this ability.  They see the branching decisions a person can make in the immediate future, two, three, five minutes ahead and can interpret accordingly.  But, as those decisions get farther out, the branches become harder to separate.  The seer eventually can only see the vaguest outlines.  These come as portents and emotions, mere possibilities.  But, the most important events come as overpowering visions.
Urielle is sent to observe the events in Deiyil by El’Aron, specifically Penndarius and Soren, the two protagonists.  She sees their pivotal choices, deciding the course of events for the rest of the realm.  Normal people’s actions appear as outlines before her, but they have so many branching actions at every moment of every day, that she is unable to foretell their futures.  This is why she was sent to observe, for some events can only be seen in the moment.

I hope you enjoyed the first spotlight on El’Aron, god of precognition!  There is more to come, I promise.


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