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The God's of Therra Spotlight Part 2: Vae'Firon the Goddess of Betrayal

This is a continuation of the last post, this time I'll jump right into it.

Vae'Firon is the goddess of betrayal and is worshiped exclusively by the rahlien people.

Rahlien are giants, almost twice the height of a normal man, covered with fiery red skin and at all the joints of their bodies, there are vents that let steam out.  These fire giants live in the incindius volcanic mountain range.

“The rahlien are large, brutish, and powerful.  They hail from the highest peeks of the Incindius mountains.  Their skin is as hard as the stone they live in and their strength is unrivaled by even the strongest humans.  Their enemies fear their combat prowess as well.  Every rahlien is trained from birth to be an engine of martial destruction.  This is further complicated by their religious affiliations.  The rahlien people as a whole worship the goddess of Betrayal; Vae’Firon.  No pact can be fully trusted and no agreement can ever be honored.  The only thing that can be ultimately trusted in the dealings with these creatures is that they will betray you.”

- By Kasheen Maizen,
An excerpt from Races and their cultures

The rahlien are led by a "rahl".  A rahl replaces his/her given name and takes the name Rahl.  Also, the rahl is the only rahlien allowd to grow the bone spikes on his head.  Other rahlien are required to file theirs down as a show of respect.

Despite their size, the rahlien are cunning and calculating beings and that makes them even scarier.  But, even though they worship a goddess of betrayal, they are honorable and forthright.  A rahlien will openly tell you that he will betray you.  It is a promise.  However, by not "betraying" their ally, they betray the statement.  This logic is cyclical.  Should an ally become complacent, the rahlien will stab their compatriots in the back immediately.  This is their way.  The sweetest betrayals are the ones that are not seen coming.  It is the sweetest wine for one of these giants.

The rahlien arrive in Deiyil during the first book to enter into negotiations with the anthra over "The Fertile Land".  This is a place that seemed to spring up over night.

“This dirt, it is so rich, so saturated with minerals.  We could farm and mine here for centuries and the nutrients in the soil would never run dry.  The climate is so perfect, we can make food, housing, weapons, and fortifications without having to import.  But I am worried, if no one has claimed this, will there be war?  The Rahlians and the Anthra are both very close to the land.  The peace is already strained.  What will happen?  Who will claim it for their country and its god?”

-          Lead excavator Isiah Helkrif

This leads to one of the major conflicts of the book.  I hope you enjoyed this look into the world of Therra.

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