Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Scholar's Journey Book 2 progress report

So, I've had a few questions regarding book 2 and what I plan to do with it and I will attempt to answer a few of those questions.

What will the format be? Will it follow the same "All in one day" format as before?

Yes with a few changes.  Rather than start in the morning and go to night time, this one will start mid afternoon and will go to the next day in the afternoon. 

Who will be the main bad guy?

The main antagonists will be the vaedziur lords, Soren's father Loken, and I'm toying with the idea of bringing back Diametries. 

How will Penndarius evolve as a character?  Will he finally fight a real battle?

The answer here is a bit complicated.  One of the main things that sets Penndarius apart as a character is that he does not engage in physical confrontation and his personal battles focus on the existential, rather than the up close and personal (Though you could argue that his fights are much more personal than the others).

What is the main theme of this book?

In the last book I had a few themes of self discovery and family ties that impacted the story directly.  Mainly for Soren, but in a tertiary way for Penndarius as well.  In the next book it will focus squarely on Penndarius's father and Soren's father as central figures in the main plot.

Will Ryan Cabral return as the cover artist?  His stuff was insane!

Yeah it is and yes he has agreed to do future covers.  I was very happy with his work, so much so in fact that he and I will be working together on a new project.

That is all for now, but expect updates in the very near future.

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