Races, Places, and People of Therra, from A Scholar's Journey: The Divine Tempest

Cast, Races, Places, and Organizations of “A Scholars Journey: Divine Tempest”

Races and creatures:
Anthra: Shape shifting anthropomorphic creatures from the majestic Silvraline forests.
Kirin: Magical creatures that are stewards of the natural world.
Rahlien: Fire giants from the volcanic Incindius mountain range.
Therrans: The most prevalent race in Therra.
Vaedziur: Creatures imprisoned in the abyss long ago.
Wolvren: Anthra tamed Kirin that are half wolf and half great cat.

Dol’Ron: The god of Law and Justice.
El’Ron: The god of precognition and future events.
Vae’Firon: The goddess of distrust and betrayal.
Syff’Ron: The goddess of the natural world.

Organizations and their followers:

Unaffiliated: Individuals who answer to no organization.
Penndarius Greyson: A well known scholar and translator
Soren Luna Mortalitas: A skilled fighter and Dayvion’s estranged brother.
Drazen/Kragen: An anthra with a shattered mind and two personalities.
Urielle Sincero: A gifted precognitive who follows her visions to Deiyil.
Douglas Hammderstout: Proprietor of the No Names Inn.
Edipagus “Ed” Dorimingus: Resides in Deiyil, friend of Penndarius and Isiah.
Fae’Gor: A Great Kirin, one of the representatives of the elements of Therra.

The Anthra people: Shape shifting warriors of the forest.
Lupa the Grey wolf: current acting substitute Alpha leader of the Anthra people.
Draga the Black Mane: Pure born anthra and absent Alpha of the Anthra people.

Deiyil Government: The governing body of Deiyil, capital of Deiyalia.
Illianna Mariweather: The high Chancellor of Deiyil, the capital of Deiyalia
Gabriella Lark: Illianna Mariweather’s personal bodyguard and assistant.
Valerion Doregard: Lieutenant captain of the Gregori third platoon.

Church of Dol’Ron: The main church of the god of Law and Justice.
Diametries Malus Aequitas: First speaker for the Church of Dol’Ron.
The Spartan: Loyal guardian of Dol’Ron and its otherworldly representative.

Helkrif Excavation team: assigned to investigate the Scar by the leadership of Deiyalia.
Isiah Helkrif: Lead excavator of the Helkrif excavation team.
Gale Southtale: Assistant excavator for the Helkrif excavation team

The Mortalitas assassins: an assassin band under the Luna Mortalitas family.
Dayvion Luna Mortalitas: Current leader of the Mortalitas assassins.

The Pentacle: A neutral institute for teaching magic and mediating disputes.
Aran the Grey: Current acting leader of the Pentacle
Kasheen Maizen: Professor at the Pentacle and Azlea’s mentor.
Azlea: student from the Pentacle and Kasheen Maizen’s protégé.

The Rahlien: Fire giants from the Volcanic Incindius mountains.
Rahl: Leader of the Rahlien people, replaced his given name with Rahl.

The Vaedziur Lords: Leaders of the Vaedziur, imprisoned in the abyss.
Kestrel: The one winged demon who possesses Diametries Malus Aequitas.

White Guards: The guardians of Deiyil and Deiyalia and its main police force.
Jadan Fillial: Lord Captain of the white guard and Jadice’s twin.
Jadice Fillial: Lord captain of the white guard and Jadan’s twin.
Aneurus Animo: First Lieutenant under Jadice. A magi who uses wind magic.

The Abyss: where gods imprison their mistakes, failures, and embarrassments.
Incindius Mountains: The volcanic mountain home to the Rahlien people.
Deiyalia: a free state in the world of Therra, allows all religions within its borders.
Deiyil: Capital city of Deiyalia
The Living Tower: The landmark central tower in Deiyil.
No Names Inn: An inn run by Douglas Hammderstout, Soren and Penndarius stay here.
The Pentacle: A school for magi and home to the neutral mediators of the land.
The Scar: A large rip in the ground of Deiyil, now home to the Helkrif Excavation team.
The Silvraline Forests: The majestic home of the Anthra people.
Therra: A world created by the gods to house the races of the realm.