Thursday, April 18, 2013

What is a Blog tour? For the Blog dork.

Going on a blog tour is a great way to market your product/project. You are looking at getting your face in front of hundreds, thousands, possibly millions depending on how much attention you get. Soooo, how can you do a blog tour and what should you understand prior to going in?

This may be basic, but blog tours are essentially just jumping onto someone's thought page and posting yourself up as a guest. 

Getting onto a blog is rather easy/hard. You only need to find a blog that correlates with your interests and then contact them with a request to be on their blog. It is up to the blogger whether they want to include you or not. 

There are companies that offer blog tours. They request an amount of money and will guarantee that you will be on a set number of blogs. Their prices range dramatically from 25$ - 1000$ depending on what you request and which blog tour company you use. These groups have a giant e-mail list with hundreds of bloggers CCed on. They have more contacts than you do and have special contests (you provide the prizes) that WILL grow your twitter account's followers and facebook. 


70 blogs will post your information up (what is this, what is it about, etc. just a quick blurb)
10 reviews
8 guest posts
6 interviews

What to expect!

You should expect four types of posts that you will end up being featured with. 

Information/add post: This is just the blog posting up a "Hi there is this product, here are links" and no opinions or further input. It is essentially an add on the front page of a blog. 

Guest post: A guest post is essentially just you saying a few words for the "camera" so to speak. It is your thoughts and what you write about is entirely up to you. The post should be about 500 words or so, nothing special but it should be a bit about you and what you do. Make it fun and interesting. 

Here is an example:

Interview: If you request an interview, the blogger will send you a few questions that you should answer in short concise replies. If your replies are too long most bloggers won't post all the questions. Your questions will range from personal questions like favorite food etc. to professional questions like what is you *insert product* about/like? Try and keep everything within elevator pitch length (two sentences). Also, it is important to showcase your personality. I think it is just as important to be an internet personality that is fun to read as much as have a fun product to sell. Remember you are selling yourself AND your product in an interview. 

Here is an example:

Review: These are a bit tricky. You will want to get the blogger interested if they are going to review your product that means they will need to dedicate some or a lot of their time. Some bloggers actively seek out things to review and are open to requests, but others are picky and will only review what they want rather than what they are presented with. There is nothing wrong with sending a request but be prepared to get rejected or not get a response period. Also, some blogs actively only give good reviews, unless something is absolutely abysmal where as others will offer honest reviews. The most important thing to remember is that you asked them. Don't take it personal if they give you one star. 

Here is an example:

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