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How to become the Bruce Lee of writing (or whatever) Part 1: Picking your characters

Writing a fight scene in a book is not an easy task. There is a lot of stuff that goes into a good fight scene. So lets look at how you go about writing the perfect fight scene.  This is part one, so we'll look at picking your character. (Hey...this is kind of like Dungeons and Dragons!)

I don't use any of these characters in my books. But! They are great examples that everyone knows. That makes it easy for people to relate. Let's get going!

Pick your perfect characters for the fight


The hulk is the guy you throw into a fight when you want to break a city. (That's right a whole city.) His opponents can be big. They can be intimidating and they can even be gods! "PUNY GOD!" (the HULK again)

So what does the Hulk bring to the table?

Dumb as a box of rocks. (This is not a bad thing. You can use this)
He breaks just about everything and does it well. 
No fear
Super healing
And you can't control his mind

Super strength is the essence of what it is to be the Hulk! I honest to god love writing strong characters because you can have them busting through walls, breaking buildings, and genuinely just destroying everything around them. That makes for an explosive and fun fight scene because nothing is in your (the character's) way! It also opens up writing possibilities like using the environment as a weapon. 

I want to be clear. There have been tons of versions of the Hulk. One of them was called the thinker and that version kept Bruce Banner's intellect, but was not as physically strong. I will not be taking any, but the most known version of the hulk into account. THE Hulk.

Let's face it. The Hulk is SUPER dumb. And that actually turns into a super power! Many have tried to control his mind and he's just so super pissed it's impossible. Another thing that makes this so useful is that he tries stuff that no one would ever try! Like pick up Thor's hammer for example. 

For those that do not know, Thor's hammer can only be picked up by someone "Worthy". And Hulk is most definitely not worthy. But the explanation is that he got so pissed that he was able to just overpower the magic. No one smart would think to do that. Hulk would. He's so stupid he made the impossible...possible.

So how would I use the hulk? 

The hulk can fight the baddest mothers in the world! I mean...beasts, brutes, mutants, freaks, titans, gods! This guy can do it all. 

I'd even consider throwing him at spiderman for giggles. It would be a fun fight. 

THE HULK VS The Amazing Spiderman

(They have fought a number of times Hulk: 2- Spiderman: 2 - draws: 2) 

Let's look at the thwippin wise cracking man in the amazing red and blue tights!

"You know, I'll never forget the words of the last guy who threatened me: Not in the face, not in the face!" - The amazing web head (Spiderman)

What makes Spiderman so amazing?

Superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, and endurance.
Regenerative healing factor (not big, but it's there)
Can cling to most surfaces
Spider sense (Danger sense, precognition)
Genius-level intellect
Master in freestyle hand-to-hand combat

Spiderman's fighting style has always been a fascination of the comic book world. Sure he's strong, fast, agile, durable, and perplexingly cool to watch, but most importantly it is how original his moves are. He uses what some have dubbed "Spider-fu" which is a special mixture of acrobatics, freestyle movement, coupled with his precognitive senses. 

Spiderman is an amazing fighter, mainly due to his built in kit (See above). But fighting an engine of destruction like the hulk is no easy task. In fact, it would seem down right impossible...right? Wrong. He is also a stinkin' genius with a PHD! Tony Stark even though highly enough of him at one point to make Peter Parker/Spiderman his understudy. He even gave Parker a special spidersuit that could do some awesome ironman esque things! Those days ended in Civil War, but none the less, Spiderman still stands as a monument of awesome.

So what do you guys think of ol' spidey? Does he rise to the cut? Is he the best opponent to throw at the Hulk? Can he even take down the Hulk? Well my friendss, he has done it before and I have no doubt that he can do it again. But you know, the Hulk has all that super strength on his side...he could just pulverize our little spider friend and then we'd just have spider mush.

So there you have it! That is a little how to for making your first fight scene. Pick your characters and pick them well my friends! For they will carry the fight and make it awesome! 

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