Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New concept art for the second cover of ASJ


I have a little concept artwork from the AMAZING artist doing my cover for my second book. His name is Ryan Cabral. He and I have been working on the second book's cover intensively. Here is a little snippet of the process.

I asked for a basic concept that he send me. We go back and forth a lot and this was the first thing he sent me. I tell him what I think and then we went back to basics.  Penndarius is not placed yet.
First concept: Top Baalor the main antagonist, left to right, Kai the newest addition and Soren who returns from the first book

I sent him a LARGE amount of feedback. We are talking multiple paragraphs. He sent me a couple sketches of poses for the different characters.
Some Poses for Soren.

These are a few concept sketches of Soren. I sent him some picture feedback. 


 My art skills are not amazing, but Ryan and I work well together. The red lines are my notes to him.
I was not a fan of these. They look good but do not capture the character.

These sketches did not capture Kai properly.  I asked for more. One of the main problems is they over sexualize Kai. She is a fighter and I wanted the emphasis to be on her personality. She is the second main protector for Penndarius. (Soren was the first).
A few poses for Kai.

My response for Kai's poses.


These are obviously roughs and it is nowhere near the quality that I want for the finished product but we are on the right path.

At this point I decided to break it down character by character.

First up we have Kai. She is an unlucky kirin hunter with a royal past.
Kai is such a cocky gal. I love her as a character!
Even I make mistakes. You can quote me! The baton needs to be in front. (oops)

Next up! We have Soren the primary protector and one of the protagonists of the book series.

Soren specifically needs a lot of work and a lot of refinement than the others. It is however a start and I like where it is going. Keep in mind this is a work in progress. It is NOT the finished product. It still has a month's worth of work to go. One of the things I really wanted to focus on in this was the sword as well. I made a quick rough of it for my artist.

The Blood Sword

And finally we have our other protagonist Penndarius!

Penndarius looks much further along than I expected to be honest. As you can see by the notes though, I had a few things to add.

There you have it, the first set of sketches. There will be more to come. 

Ryan takes feedback really well, so I am looking forward to seeing what he does next with the cover.

- Herrick

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