Saturday, August 4, 2012


Hiya!  It's been a while since I've posted.  There have been a lot of things going on in my life recently, namely working on Darksiders 2 and trying to find my next gig.

I wanted to do some free flow talk about what has been going on with me recently in regards to my books.  I'll do only minor edits.

To be honest, I am really nervous right now about the future of my writing.  After a multitude of comments from friends, family, and other writers, I'm came to the realization that I needed to send my book into an editor.  I did it quietly and haven't really even talked about it except with close friends and family.  So, I took the book off amazon (except for the ebook which is being retired soon).  Contacted a couple reviewers to ask that they hold their reviews for the moment.

Shopping around for an editor was actually a bit of a task for me.  A couple friends recommended an editor that they had used, but she never got back to me (even still.  It's been 3+ weeks now).  Then I interviewed probably 15+ other editors because I don't want to send my book to be edited by just anyone.  Their prices varied quite radically.  Without talking specific numbers, I'll say it was SUBSTANTIAL differences in price. BUT, that substantial difference in price also came with substantial differentiation of quality.  One even offered to do it for free, but wanted a hard copy sent to her and refused to do Soft copy edits (in word), which is what I really wanted.  It ended up being between a guy named Gary and a woman named Diana.  The man I interviewed was exceptional at selling himself and cost less, but I thought the ridiculously massive amount of pure quality in Diana's far out weighed the respectable price difference.

So I contacted Diana and we are gearing up to start edits on the book at the end of August.

On that end, the next thing I'd like to say is that my second book is done in a rough draft form and I've sent it to a few friends for opinions.  I am looking forward to their opinions and I'll be making changes to the rough draft over time.  We'll see.  I expect to be done with it in the next 4 months and in the meantime I'm going to be starting preliminary work on my third book that will be a tie into the series, but won't require any knowledge of the world to start reading.  The preliminary title is Dragonscale.  It'll be about a D R A G O N! as the main character.  I'm actually kind of psyched about it.

Dragonscale is going to feature a strong female protagonist that is a red dragon.  I'll talk about Dragonscale in my next post.

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