Friday, January 7, 2011

Alpha Protocol Review

The role playing games genre (RPG) continues to grow, evolve, and improve with each passing year.  Alpha protocol is an action RPG with its roots in games such as Splinter Cell and Dragon Age.  The story revolves around secret agent Michael Thorton and how he becomes the linchpin for a worldwide conflict.  So, does Obsidian live up to its name as one of the masters of the role playing genre?
            Obsidian Entertainment made its reputation by making exceptional sequels to successful franchises, most notably Knights of the Old Republic II and Neverwinter Nights 2.  Alpha Protocol is their first original title.
            You play as Micheal Thorton, secret agent who works for Alpha Protocol.  You are betrayed from within and left for dead.  There are two types of game play mixed into a seamless package, role playing and third person action.  You level up your character; spend AP to level up specific skills that directly affect the third person action game play later on.  The story lasts about twenty to thirty hours, gives you multiple story paths, and continues to impress all the way to the end.
            Alpha protocol is not without its flaws.  Minor problems hamper the experience, such as frame rate issues in key areas and strange game play decisions, like the camera that is too close to the character.  The game feels like it is one patch away from an amazing experience.
            This is a solid action RPG.  The story is fun and the action is well implemented.  Minor issues, such as the frame rate drops and camera issues will detract from your fun; rest assured it is still worth playing.  For the casual gamer this game and its issues could be a turn off, but to the hard core, this is a must have.

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